New Jankowicz Venture Sparks Free Speech Concerns

Nina Jankowicz the embattled former head of the Biden administration’s short-lived Disinformation Governance Board is back with a new initiative that critics say poses a threat to free expression. The American Sunlight Project co-founded by Jankowicz aims to expose what it deems as disinformation campaigns particularly those targeting conservative voices.

The project’s mission statement claims it will raise “the cost of lies that undermine our democracy.” However, many fear this is code for silencing dissent against left-wing extremism and Democratic talking points.

Given her social media presence, it is clear that Jankowicz is decidedly on the far left of the political spectrum.

In a letter to congressional leaders Jankowicz accused Republicans of using government resources to hinder the group’s work equating their actions to McCarthyism. She also claimed that the so-called “Russian interference” in the 2016 election has not been adequately investigated a notion that has been largely debunked.

The formation of the American Sunlight Project has been seen as a continuation of the Biden administration’s efforts to control the narrative under the guise of security. Jankowicz’s spotty track record including her dismissal of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as a Russian plot has further eroded trust in her impartiality.

As the 2024 elections approach concerns are mounting that the group’s invasive crusade could weaponize the fear of disinformation to curb criticism of the establishment. With a reported operating budget of at least $1 million and the ability to fund political ads the American Sunlight Project’s influence could be significant.