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Political Insiders cuts the fluff. We’re here to hold politicians accountable, which is why our news contextualizes global and national affairs as well as Congress’ legislative actions. Our news is informed, researched, and frequent.

We work to make sure you’re aware of the issues surrounding First and Second Amendment rights, the sanctity of life, and the importance of keeping jobs in America. We believe the American Dream should be achievable and that you are entitled to the means to protect your family.

Political Insider has a Mission

At Political Insiders, our mission is information. We understand that life is full of obligations, especially for our readers, who work hard to make sure they can take care of their personal responsibilities and their obligations to themselves and their families. You deserve to know what global issues, national events, and Congressional legislation could impact you in the future — and our mission is to make sure you’re aware.

What We Do Here

Like a noble American bald eagle keeping watch, we remain vigilant when it comes to the news. At Political Insiders, you’ll learn about how larger events and circumstances can impact national level legislation and trickle down to affect your faith, your family, and your finances. Stay updated about larger events with Insider Updates, and get into the details of legislation with Legislative Limelights.

Keeping You Informed with Insider Updates

Knowing how global and national events impact your life requires summary and analysis. We’re here to provide that with the Political Insiders perspective: we respect law enforcement officers and those who serve in the military, and deliver news that supports this fair perspective. Combined with the perspective of specific legislative action offered in Legislative Limelights, Insider Updates gives you the context to make appropriate decisions to protect your family, faith, and community.

All Eyes on Our Officials with Legislative Limelights

If you’re tired of high taxes, big business, and laws that disrespect the sanctity of life, you’ll find power in staying informed with Legislative Highlights. Our Legislative Highlights call out the overspending in Washington, exposing the liberal agenda. Combined with the general news context provided by Insider Updates, our Legislative Limelights gives you the information you need to take specific action at the polls.

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Subscribe to Political Insiders for regular updates. We have common goals: reducing overspending in Washington, enabling Americans to take personal responsibility, respecting law enforcement officers and military personnel, and keeping American jobs in America. If you’re ready to stay informed about global affairs, legislative actions, and learn how and when to vote about issues impacting your faith and your family, it’s time to get updates.


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