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Thank you for your interest in Political Insiders. Our goal is to help you keep an eye on global and national news, as well as specific legislation in Washington, which affects you, your family, your faith, and your community every day. Our frequent updates report news in a way that is fair to those serving in the military and protecting our beloved communities in law enforcement.

The Political Insiders Mission

At Political Insiders, we put aside the framing and fluff that politicians love. Instead, we bring you broader news and specific legislative information so you can quickly form an opinion for yourself. We deliver news concerning the sanctity of life, the protection of the First and Second Amendments, and protecting American jobs.

If you’re an American focused on your own personal responsibilities, we know how hard it can be to find time in the day to stay informed and aware. We aim to help you hold Congress accountable by providing the latest news and information directly to you.

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Our staff and editors hail from all over the United States. We have small town journalists in the midwest, correspondents stuck in coastal liberal enclaves, and reporters and editors stationed on Capitol Hill. We believe you need to stay informed about issues that affect your life and your community, one bill at a time. From global affairs to specific legislation, we have a committed team that’s dedicated to keeping you in the know.

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At Political Insiders, we love hearing from our readers. Please contact us with suggestions, news tips, and feedback regarding our publication and the types of issues we cover. To do so, simply reply to any newsletter you receive. We look forward to getting to know you!


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