Border Patrol Nabs 2,000 Illegal Migrants — In One Day

Millions of illegal migrants already took advantage of President Joe Biden’s open border policies, and that total only increased this week. On Wednesday, the San Diego sector saw Border Patrol agents apprehend a staggering 2,000 illegal migrants.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials reported that 206 were illegals from China.

It is important to note that “apprehension” does not mean they are turned around and marched back to the border. Instead, under the Democrats’ “catch and release” protocols, they are much more likely to be set loose into the nation’s interior.

Or, in San Diego’s case, simply released into the city. The metropolis has had to absorb tens of thousands of Biden’s illegal horde in recent months as the brunt of the invasion shifts toward California.

With Republican Texas officials clamping down on border security to make up for Washington’s failures, the tide turned westward.

Make no mistake, the November elections are shaping up to be a referendum on illegal migration and the future of the U.S. Former President and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump accused the White House of nothing less than a “conspiracy to overthrow the United States.”

The 45th president knows quite well that Democrats seek to alter the nation’s demographics to the point where they believe they will be unstoppable.

Trump said as much to a North Carolina rally recently. The Biden administration desires “to collapse the American system, nullify the will of the actual American voters and establish a new base of power to give them control for generations.”

In Virginia, Trump observed that Democrats are “trying to sign [migrants] up to get them to vote in the next election.”