‘We Were Just Better Off’ Under Trump, Says Tim Scott

During a Sunday interview, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) spoke about the clear differences between the current state of the United States under President Joe Biden and how the country was under former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump.

Scott, who ran against Trump in the 2024 GOP primary but dropped out of the race in mid-November 2023, appeared on “Fox News Sunday” with anchor Shannon Bream, where he discussed the staggering differences between the Biden administration and the Trump administration. One of the major points he brought up was the fact that before Trump, there was turmoil in Ukraine, but all of that stopped when Trump took office — and immediately resumed when Biden took office.

As Trump previously explained, “Under Bush, Russia invaded Georgia. Under Obama, Russia took Crimea. Under Biden, Russia invaded Ukraine… I stand as the only president of the twenty-first century on whose watch Russia did not invade another country.”

“What we need to know is that under President Trump, we were just better off. World peace — think about this. Before President Trump, there was an incursion in Ukraine. After President Trump, a war in Ukraine,” Scott told Bream.

“The one thing that is completely clear is when President Trump was in office, world peace was not only objective — but we were experiencing it. Under President Biden, botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, war in Ukraine. We have conflict in the Middle East, instability in the Indo-Pacific, and our southern border might be, in my opinion, the greatest national security risk we have today,” he added.

Scott then shifted to domestic issues, first addressing Biden’s border crisis and the flood of fentanyl coming into the country and killing Americans. He also mentioned the booming economy under Trump, including low inflation and low unemployment across all demographics.

“We’ve lost 70,000 lives because of fentanyl coming through our ports of entry across our southern border. President Biden refuses to close our southern border. And it is the No. 1 issue according to the American people,” he explained.

“The one thing we know for sure with President Donald Trump as our president, we are certainly better off. And that’s not even talking about the economy, which is the No. 2 issue, low unemployment, and low inflation. We’re talking demographically for Hispanics, for African-Americans, for Asians, for women a 70-year low,” Scott added.

“When you look at law and order, there weren’t the challenges that we’re seeing in the poorest communities around the country. We had the kind of law and order where people could walk the streets in their neighborhoods. All that can be back with four more years of Donald Trump,” he continued.