TX Lawmaker Witnessed Evidence Of Terror Threat At Southern Border

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) has confirmed that he personally witnessed evidence of serious terror threats at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Gonzales, who represents a district that covers more than 800 miles of the United States border with Mexico, made the comments during an interview on PBS’ “Firing Line” with host Margaret Hoover.

The Texas congressman noted that, while he cannot discuss the classified intelligence that he has been allowed to view as a member of Congress, it has kept him up late at night. He told Hoover that he was concerned about the terrorist threat and worried about the fact that this issue was not uniting the country, especially as it affects every American, regardless of political party.

“At the very beginning of this and throughout I always felt that maybe that was the nexus that could unite us,” Gonzales said. “Because once again, when a terrorist action happens, it kills all Americans. They’re just trying to kill Americans, not Republicans or Democrats or any of these other things.”

Gonzales went on to argue that the solution the President Joe Biden’s historic border crisis is simple — lawmakers need to get to the point where they declare that “enough is enough” and gather the “political courage” necessary to get the job done.

He also pointed out that the unprecedented wave of illegal aliens crossing the southern border was driven mostly by the Mexican drug cartels, who essentially control the area directly south of the U.S.-Mexico border — forcing any illegal alien who wishes to enter the U.S. to interact with the cartel in order to do so.

Gonzales argued that the U.S. government needed to focus some of its border security efforts on battling these cartels — noting that, while the Biden administration has been “saying some of the right things,” their actions do not reflect their words.

“The root cause of this crisis is the cartels,” Gonzales explained. “The cartels determine all of it. And this is where we have to put pressure on them. And the other piece of it, too, the Biden administration may be saying some of the right things, but they’re not doing some of the right things. And until they start doing some of the right things, this crisis is only going to continue to boil up.”