Twice-Failed Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Praises DEI

Failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams recently claimed that the radical left’s “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) measures were key toward safeguarding democracy, education and the economy.

Abrams, who argued that the results of her first gubernatorial race were fraudulent, made the remarks during an MSNBC interview with Al Sharpton.

During the interview, the twice-failed Democratic gubernatorial nominee expressed her fear of former President Donald Trump ever returning to the White House, claiming the former president would unleash an attack on the left’s DEI policies.

“We should be terrified of the person who wants to come back into the White House, strip us of our rights, rescind the economic progress we have made, and undermine the democracy that we hold to be so dear,” Abrams said.

“We have to remember that built into every victory are the seeds of defeat and built into every defeat are the seeds of victory. We have seen victory, but we cannot rest on that victory and think that it is impermeable and impervious to harm,” the Democratic gubernatorial nominee added.

Abrams continued by claiming that going after DEI “is an attack on democracy.”

“What we know is that the attack on diversity, equity, and inclusion, DEI, is an attack on democracy, it is an attack on education, it is an attack on how our economy works because what Senator Ossoff and Senator Warnock represent are pathways to the American dream,” Abrams claimed.

“They are proof points and those proof points scare those who want this world to be more narrow and restrictive,” Abrams added. “And so we have to recognize that our opportunity to hold to those successes requires our constant attention and constant attending.”

In January 2023, Trump pledged to remove “Marxists” and DEI from America’s educational institutions if he is elected president in November 2024.

The former president said that his potential administration would work to ensure that parents have the right to make choices over their child’s education and that students would learn reading, writing and arithmetic instead of being subjected to the left’s radical DEI policies.

In the last year of his previous term, Trump pushed multiple measures aimed at confronting critical race theory (CRT) while imposing so-called “patriotic education.”