Trump Touts Unity, Says His ‘Revenge Will Be Success’

While the mainstream media and former President Donald Trump’s political foes have attempted to portray his bid for a second term as a ploy to regain power and wield it against his enemies, he addressed his actual intentions during a town hall event that aired on Fox News this week.

In response to a question from one attendee, moderator Laura Ingraham asked Trump about “score-settling” and asserted that “a lot of women voters” are put off by some of his rhetoric.

“They love your policies,” she added. “They just want Trump’s policies — maybe not so much of the other stuff. I think that’s what the question if you don’t mind my asking, I think that’s what she is getting at.”

The GOP presidential front-runner replied by describing his plan for unity as one that relies on the implementation of successful policies.

“We will get together through success,” he said. “When this country — the country was at a level that we never — we had the best employment numbers in history. Everything was good. And this country was coming together. Then we got hit with COVID, but this country came together.”

Trump went on to address the backlash he has received from a number of prominent critics.

“I don’t care about the revenge thing,” he declared. “I know they usually use the word revenge. Will there be revenge? My revenge will be a success.”

The town hall took place in South Carolina just days before that state’s primary election, and Trump used the forum to highlight the likelihood that he will come away with a commanding win against his last remaining serious competitor, Nikki Haley, despite the fact that she once served as the state’s governor.

“You’re not supposed to lose your home state,” she said. “It shouldn’t happen anyway, and she’s losing bigly.”

Despite her vow to remain in the race for the long haul, Trump opined that she is looking for a way to exit.

“I don’t think she knows how to get out,” he said. “She just can’t get herself out.”

The former president also took aim at President Joe Biden ahead of a general election that is shaping up to be a rematch of 2020.

Ingraham brought up the subject of a debate, and he responded: “I’ll do it right now on your show. I’ll challenge him right now.”