Trump Suggests Boycotters Forgive Bud Light

Former President Donald Trump urged his legions of supporters to forgive Bud Light for its epic mistake in using a transgender activist to promote the iconic brand. Only, not everyone is willing to bury the hatchet.

The 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner took to his Truth Social platform on Tuesday to endorse ending the long-running Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch boycott.

The brand foolishly enlisted Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a woman, to promote Bud Light apparently to the woke crowd. Only, very few of those imbibe the former top-selling beer to begin with, so that effort fell flat.

Instead, it outraged its base and quickly lost its top spot to Modelo Especial.

For the week ending Jan. 20, Bud Light sales were down a staggering 29.9% over a year ago according to sales data. Clearly, the brand is still having trouble luring back its former customers.

Not only did it have serious trouble emptying shelves of its product, the company ended up embarrassingly needing to buy back unsold beer that expired from consumer indifference. It even distributed coupons that basically made Bud Light free for anyone who cared.

But now Trump believes all should be forgiven and the brand should be welcomed back into the fold. The Republican noted that Anheuser-Busch employs numerous veterans and is far from the “woke” entity it appeared to be during the Mulvaney disaster.

He also made the true statement that there are many more egregiously progressive corporations that are not subject to such a crippling boycott.

However, conservative outlet The Federalist poked major holes in Trump’s argument. Even if Anheuser-Busch is not the most woke U.S. corporation, should the fact that it is not the absolute bottom of the barrel shield it from consumers’ wrath?

It observed that Bud Light is also a product that conservatives can live without. There are many “nearly identical” alternatives on the market, none of which sold their souls to appeal to a woke audience.

This is a boycott that clearly is not targeting an essential service that almost all Americans cannot separate from. Avoiding banking or credit services is simply not feasible for most, but the beer alternatives are numerous.

As The Federalist noted, “Whether conservatives continue this boycott will be determined by our will and our commitment to the truth.” And you can believe that woke American corporations are intensely watching.