The Aftermath Of Israel’s Hostage Rescue: Exposing The Depths Of Anti-Semitism

The recent rescue of four Israeli hostages by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has brought out the worst in those who harbor deep-seated anti-Semitic sentiments. In the eight months since the horrific Hamas terrorist assault on Israel last October, it has become increasingly clear who the good guys and bad guys are in this conflict. However, the response to the hostage rescue has exposed the truly repulsive depths of the anti-Israel narrative.

Morally bankrupt leftists worldwide have thrown their support behind the terrorists, pretending that their concern lies with the innocent civilians in Gaza. However, the truth is that Hamas is Gaza, and Gaza is Hamas. The terrorists are not some external force but are born and bred within the very community they control.

The ugliness of this insanity has been further compounded by hordes of impressionable college students whose minds have been warped by communist professors. The anti-Semitic rage displayed by these individuals over the past eight months has been beyond awful, and they have found new depths to plumb in the wake of the hostage rescue.

Israel continues to fight for its survival while facing a relentless smear campaign from the Left, which seeks to turn public sentiment against the Jewish state. However, as Richard Fernandez points out, the global public relations initiative might not be working out the way Hamas and its apologists want it to. Israel understands the true nature of the enemy it faces, while its haters have convinced themselves that appeasing the terrorists will somehow quell their thirst for Israeli blood.