Rep. William Timmons Defeats Freedom Caucus Leader Adam Morgan In SC Primary

Rep. William Timmons secured a decisive victory over state Rep. Adam Morgan in the Republican primary for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. Timmons, who has represented the district since 2019, expressed gratitude to voters for their continued trust.

“I want to thank the voters for once again putting their trust in me to continue to fight tirelessly on behalf of the people of Spartanburg and Greenville counties. I am pleased that voters in the 4th District saw through the countless lies from my opponent, and recognized my hard work, strong conservative record, and the results I have gotten for my constituents,” Timmons tweeted.

Timmons highlighted his focus on policy, collaboration, and representing his constituents, noting his commitment to advancing conservative policies and supporting former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election. “I am grateful to have the support of President Trump and proud to have the opportunity to continue to represent South Carolina’s Fourth District,” he said.

The race between Timmons and Morgan was closely watched, with Timmons leading by more than 2,000 votes according to unofficial results. Timmons, who is also a member of the ‘Conservative Climate Caucus,’ was endorsed by Trump, who praised him as a “terrific advocate” for the people of South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District.

“Congressman William Timmons is a terrific advocate for the people of South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District! A Captain in the Air National Guard, he fights hard to Secure our Border, Strengthen our Military, Support our Veterans, Grow the Economy, Defend our Second Amendment, and Hold Joe Biden and the Radical Left Accountable,” Trump declared on Truth Social.

Despite endorsements from GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, Morgan, the chair of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus, was unable to secure enough support. Morgan had previously stated the need for fewer figures like Sen. Lindsey Graham and more representatives like U.S. Reps. Chip Roy and Ralph Norman.

With the primary behind him, Timmons called for party unity to focus on re-electing Trump in November. “Now is the time for our party to unite to move the ball forward to advance conservative policy and focus our efforts on re-electing Donald Trump this November,” Timmons stated.

The 2024 June Primaries took place on June 11, allowing voters to participate in either the Democratic or Republican primary.