Pro-Abortion Arsonist Gets Lighter Sentence Than Peaceful Pro-Life Protestors

In his sentencing hearing before a federal judge on Wednesday, Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury, who firebombed the pro-life Wisconsin Family Action offices on Mother’s Day of 2022, received 7.5 years in prison. The relatively light sentence comes amid controversial inconsistencies in federal prosecutions under the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) when it comes to peaceful pro-life Christian protestors.

On May 8, 2022, Roychowdhury attacked the Wisconsin Family Action office with Molotov cocktails, causing significant damage. His sentence, handed down by U.S. District Court Judge William Conley, has been criticized for its leniency given the violent nature of the act. Judge Conley, an Obama appointee, imposed the sentence on charges of malicious damage by fire or explosives rather than the more severe charges of conspiracy and domestic terrorism initially laid out by federal prosecutors.

In sharp contrast, six pro-life activists face sentences exceeding a decade each for non-violent acts of civil disobedience at an abortion facility in Tennessee. Their actions, which involved hymns and prayers, were deemed violations of the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. That law carries stiff penalties for “obstructive conduct” around abortion industry outlets.

Critics have noted the disparity in sentencing as an example of uneven justice application, particularly under the Biden administration’s Justice Department. “The U.S. Department of Justice, and this U.S. Attorney’s Office, with our local and federal law enforcement partners will never flinch from holding domestic terrorists accountable,” U.S. Attorney Timothy M. O’Shea said of Roychowdhury’s prosecution. That tough talk fails the straight-face test when compared to the approach to the Tennessee pro-life case.

The disparate prosecutions have stoked fears among pro-life advocates about the growing intolerance toward their right to peaceful protest. Mark Houck, a pro-life activist previously raided by the FBI, exemplifies the aggressive enforcement tactics used against pro-life figures. Even though a jury found him not guilty, the lasting impact on his family of his arrest and prosecution has not diminished with time.

As the presidential election approaches, more and more Americans are demanding equal justice under the law for all citizens, an approach that respects the right of peaceful protest and provides harsh penalties for wanton acts of violence.