Pakistani Family Arrested For Deliberately Setting Home On Fire In Germany

A family of five Pakistani individuals were recently arrested in Germany after setting fire to their home and then blaming “Nazis.”

In December 2023, news reports emerged in Germany of a Pakistani family targeted in an arson attack by right-leaning extremists on Christmas Day. For the left, the optics of the event were perfect, including the decision to blame “Nazis” for targeting a foreign family on Christmas Day.

The public prosecutor’s office pointed out that the Pakistani family wrote the slogan “Foreigners out” twice on the walls of the burning home. Law enforcement said the entire situation was planned by the family to collect more insurance money.

The members of the family are also accused of spraying graffiti across the house with racist messages, including the slogan “foreigners out.”

ZeroHedge reported that the fire, which occurred in Wächtersbach, Germany, leftist politicians in the European country attended candlelight vigils condemning racism while opposition to “Nazis” came from all directions.

Law enforcement officials initially suspected that right-wing extremists were responsible for the arson attack.

Investigators, who say the blaze was deliberately caused by the family, continued for eight hours on Christmas Day in 2023 and cost an estimated 350,000 euros.

The German newspaper Bild reported pointed out that prosecutors said the family used right-wing slogans to lead investigators away from the Pakistani family.

ZeroHedge reported that the investigators centered their efforts on the homeowner of the burning house. Police noticed that the 49-year-old homeowner had fresh burns on his arm despite claiming he was not present at the house during the fire. Given this, prosecutors believe the family deliberately began the fire to claim insurance money.

Following the arson attack, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) commented on the incident, calling it a “slap in the face” to AfD voters.

“It was a slap in the face to many thousands of AfD voters. Just a few weeks ago, the citizens had placed their trust in us with a great election result (in Hesse). In some communities, we are even the strongest force, even ahead of the governing parties,” AfD wrote.

“For our political competitors, the house fire was obviously a welcome opportunity to inflict hatred and agitation on our party and our voters,” the political organization added.