Obama Met Biden Twice Over Fear Of Trump Victory

Rumors that former President Barack Obama is pulling the strings for the Biden administration may be closer to the truth than many believe. The former president reportedly met twice with the chief executive to express strong concerns that Donald Trump could win back the Oval Office.

Time magazine reported that the private meetings were held in the White House between Obama and Biden. The former president is believed to have advised his former vice president to act more aggressively against Trump.

The outlet’s source revealed Biden was urged in June to make the presidential election a referendum on his predecessor and not just attempt to run on his own accomplishments.

Time reported that Obama left the White House meeting feeling positive about Biden’s direction. That sentiment was short-lived, however, and further administration difficulties led to another face-to-face was held in December.

The outlet said the former president “expressed concern the reelection campaign was behind schedule in building out its field operations and bottlenecked by Biden’s insistence on relying on an insular group of advisers clustered in the West Wing.”

Obama insisted that if Biden did not right the ship, the Trump campaign would win all seven major battleground states in November and propel the former president back into the White House.

Biden carried six of those key states in 2020.

Time noted that the warning bells are only ringing louder three months since Obama’s last reported visit to the White House. The incumbent’s approval ratings tanked into the high 30s, below any recent chief executive up for reelection.

Most polls involving a head-to-head matchup with Trump show the Democrat losing — a consistent finding for months.

Even in minority communities, the bedrock of Democratic voting strength, the party is polling lower than it has in decades. And Trump is apparently impervious to having the might of federal and state governments thrown at him.

Democrats levied dozens of spurious charges against the former president over a wide array of baseless allegations. They even resorted to attempts to bankrupt Trump and seize his properties through unprecedented legal means.

But the former president remains undeterred, and another former president is panicking over his possible return to the White House. It remains to be seen what depths desperate Democrats will resort to if the Biden campaign does not find its footing soon.