No Teeth In Liberal Cities’ ‘Tough’ Migrant Policies

Several liberal cities have purported to be cracking down on illegal migrants, but a closer look at the facts tells a different story. Specifically, the deep blue cities of New York and Chicago appear to be pushing limits on shelter stays and taking other tougher stances towards illegals — but this may be a façade to placate angry voters in an election year.

New York Mayor Eric Adams (D) could almost pass for a Republican with his statement to the New York Post: “‘Right to shelter’ was never intended to apply to a population larger than most U.S. cities descending on the five boroughs in less than two years.”

He intends to impose a 30-day limit on stays at city shelters. However, migrants can simply reapply for another 30-day period. The restriction also does not apply to families, only to individuals.

In Chicago, Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson’s approach appears to be a carbon copy of New York’s. In a recent press conference, he told reporters: “We’re providing temporary emergency shelter with the goal and the expectation that people can move on.”

Like New York, the limit for shelter stays is 30 days. Also like New York, the limit does not apply to families. Finally, evicted immigrants can simply apply to a different shelter for a new 30-day stay.

The Chicago policy netted only 30 evictions from its migrant population of 11,000 on its first day in force.

In both cities, evicted migrants would be on the streets, where they would create an even bigger humanitarian burden. They could also simply travel to other cities.

Neither city announced a plan for working with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to actually deport those immigrants who are clearly not seeking work, not attempting to find more permanent homes and/or are gang members and lawbreakers.

The Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua has leveraged Biden’s open borders to boost their American presence to alarming levels. In New York, several members brutally beat police officers yet were released without bail. Mayor Adams mentioned nothing about changing cashless bail policies or immediately deporting known gang members, who are often easily identified by their distinct tattoos.

Finally, neither Mayor will criticize the Biden administration for its disastrous approach to border security which has welcomed hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants into the U.S. — and is the root cause of the current crisis.

Many residents in these cities who voted for their Democrat mayors and city councils are beginning to change their views on immigration. This comes as they see increasing numbers of neighborhoods being overrun with migrants whom the city has no resources to support.