Moore Claims White Christians Are Israel’s True Enemies

Even as Israel retaliates against the massacre of 1,200 of its citizens and kidnapping of hundreds more, extreme activist Michael Moore does not believe the nation should be concerned with Hamas and other hostile neighbors.

Instead, the documentary filmmaker claims that White Christians are the true enemy of the Jewish people.

As evidence, he pointed toward the centuries-old Spanish Inquisition. This conveniently ignored the families that are still grieving from tragic losses inflicted by Hamas in recent months.

On Saturday, Moore told MSNBC’s “Ayman” that he is on a quest to save President Joe Biden from himself. This assertion came after 100,000 Michigan voters chose “uncommitted” on their Democratic primary ballots instead of supporting the incumbent.

This was widely seen as a protest against the White House’s backing of Israel in its war against Hamas.

Moore blasted Biden for not recognizing the 100,000 protest votes. “Why wouldn’t Biden listen to this? He wouldn’t even acknowledge it when he won the primary and [he was] thanking the people of Michigan. [He] just ignored the 100,000 people.”

The leftist radical noted that if Biden does not carry Michigan in November, he will likely lose the election.

Biden, in Moore’s opinion, should “stop the carpet bombing, stop the slaughter, make sure aid comes in — don’t be dropping aid with parachutes like it was some kind of “Looney Tunes” cartoon.”

He further described Gaza as an “open-air prison.”

Moore claimed that, based on his historical knowledge, it’s been “White, European-centric Christians” who have been the enemies of Jews for 2,000 years.

Moore proceeded to accuse Biden of “aligning himself with an authoritarian in Tel Aviv.” By doing this, the filmmaker said the president is “gambling” with democracy.

Never mind that it’s the U.S. that provides the lion’s share of support for Tel Aviv to ward off terrorist factions. And ignore that Israel has been repeatedly attacked by its neighbors since its inception, these are not relevant to Moore’s arguments.

As for his demands, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly confirmed that the attack on Gaza will not end until Hamas is eradicated.