Media Faces Credibility Crisis After Ignoring Biden’s Cognitive Decline

The mainstream media is grappling with a loss of credibility after failing to address President Joe Biden’s cognitive issues, which were starkly highlighted during his recent debate with former President Donald Trump. Critics argue that the media’s consistent praise of Biden has now backfired, raising questions about their reliability.

Tim Graham, editor at NewsBusters, pointed out that media outlets ignored warnings from figures like Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips, who voiced concerns about Biden’s mental state. Instead, the media continued to promote Biden positively, ignoring his cognitive decline.

The refusal to report on Biden’s mental health has significant implications. With pressing issues like unemployment, inflation, and international tensions, the media’s oversight has eroded public trust. Major outlets like The Atlantic and CNN focused on attacking Trump, avoiding any discussion of Biden’s cognitive abilities.

The New York Times eventually broke the silence, calling for Democrats to be transparent about Biden’s condition and suggesting the need for a more capable candidate. This acknowledgment came only after Biden’s debate performance left his cognitive issues undeniable.

The media’s failure to address Biden’s mental health has damaged its credibility, raising doubts about its reporting on other important topics. The public’s trust in the media has been shaken, highlighting the need for greater transparency and honesty in journalism.