Martin Armstrong Warns Of Escalating Global Conflict

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong has issued a grave warning about the remainder of 2024, predicting tumultuous political and economic conditions. In a recent interview with, Armstrong discussed the dire implications of President Biden’s declining approval ratings and the escalating geopolitical tensions.

Armstrong’s “Socrates” program recently showed President Biden’s approval rating at an unprecedented low of 6% to 7%. He suggests that the Biden administration is increasingly desperate, stating, “The cases against Trump show you how desperate they are here. The reason they want Biden… is he is just a sock puppet. He’s not really in charge. He’s not making any decisions.”

This declining approval rating, coupled with significant economic pressures, has led to widespread panic among Democrats. Armstrong explains, “I have been in politics for more than 40 years. I know how it works. All of a sudden, you see in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, oh, Biden is slipping behind closed doors. That would not make the press unless they wanted it to. They are floating a balloon to see how it goes. All of a sudden, they want Biden to do a debate.”

Armstrong predicts that at the Democratic Convention, Biden might be replaced by another candidate, potentially Hillary Clinton. “At the Democrat Convention, they will draft someone else, and that is most likely going to be Hillary,” Armstrong said.

The relationship between the economy and the prospect of war is significant. Armstrong noted, “You’ve got about $10 trillion of US debt that is maturing this year… If nobody is going to buy the debt, that’s when default comes. If you cannot sell the new debt to pay off the old debt, guess what? It’s done.”

Armstrong believes that escalating tensions with China and the push for higher capital gains taxes indicate a move towards war. “This is why they need war. This is why Europe is going into war… This is why they are talking about raising the capital gains to 44%,” Armstrong warned.

He concludes that the upcoming election will be pivotal. “In November, it’s going to be Trump vs World War III regardless who is on the other side… If you get Hillary or you get Biden, it’s the same thing. Hillary is a neocon, and Biden says yes to whatever the neocons want. And the neocons clearly want war–a big one.”