Logan Airport To Clear Illegal Immigrants, Provide Shelter In Former Prison

Gov. Maura Healey of Massachusetts announced a plan to remove illegal immigrants currently sleeping at Boston Logan International Airport and relocate them to a former correctional facility in Norfolk. This move comes in response to reports of increasing numbers of people sleeping on the airport floor.

Starting July 9, the displaced individuals will be offered accommodations at the Bay State Correctional Center, which has been transformed into a temporary shelter. The facility can house around 450 people or 140 families, providing dorm-like rooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, and other amenities.

“This is in the best interest of families and travelers and staff at Logan,” stated Emergency Assistance Director Scott Rice, emphasizing that an airport is not suitable for sheltering people. Massachusetts, known for its right-to-shelter policy, ran out of space in November after supporting 7,500 families. The state has since relied on emergency overflow sites for pregnant women and families with young children.

Rice noted that the administration aims to help illegal immigrants find more permanent housing solutions, ideally relocating them to areas where they have family or safe accommodations. “We are going to continue to spread the word that Massachusetts is out of shelter space,” he added, advising those traveling to the state to prepare alternative housing plans.

The Norfolk facility has already begun housing families, with 20 to 25 families moved in so far. The state plans to use the site for six to 12 months, during which they will focus on moving individuals from shelters to more stable housing.

By converting the former prison into a shelter, the state hopes to provide a safer and more appropriate living environment for those in need, while alleviating the strain on Logan Airport and other emergency shelters.