Liz Cheney Warns Supreme Court Over Trump Immunity

The U.S. Supreme Court is designed to be above politics, and lawmakers do not hold sway over the nine justices as they make their legal decisions. But Democrats increasingly want to impose their will on the bench, which is patently inappropriate in the American legal system.

This week, former congresswoman Liz Cheney warned the court over its handling of the immunity case involving former President Donald Trump. She cautioned that time is critical as the left wants the Republican on trial before the November elections.

She called Trump’s seeking the due process afforded to every U.S. citizen a “delaying tactic.”

Cheney delivered her rant at Drake University’s Annual Bucksbaum Distinguished Lectureship gathering. She told the presumably receptive audience that the former president deserves swift justice.

In her words, “It cannot be the case that a president of the United States can attempt to overturn an election and seize power and that our justice system is incapable of holding a trial and holding him to account before the next election.”

This Republican in name only clearly demonstrated what Democrats are set on accomplishing. Nothing less than a conviction of Trump before November will satisfy them.

Despite her GOP credentials, Cheney served as co-chair of the discredited and highly partisan House committee that investigated the Jan. 6 protests.

She dismissed the former president’s attorney’s assertions that they lack much of the evidence the Biden administration intends to use against him in court. Cheney asserted that Trump believes the evidence is so damaging that he is attempting to delay the trial.

Anyone with any experience in the legal system well knows that delays are part of the process. It is every defendant’s right to view the evidence against them and have enough time to rebut the prosecution.

But for Democrats, Trump is not to be afforded due process. Instead, he is to be quickly railroaded into a guilty verdict as the gallows are being constructed outside of the courthouse.

Steven Cheung, a Trump campaign spokesman, released a statement denouncing her diatribe against the former president. “Of course Shotgun Liz would advocate for weaponizing the justice system to meddle with an election. She clearly suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.”