Liz Cheney Suppresses Key J6 Evidence Exonerating Trump

Former President Donald Trump asked the mayor of Washington D.C. if she wanted 10,000 National Guard troops on Jan. 6, 2001, to provide security for the city. House Jan. 6 Committee member former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) suppressed evidence of this during the Democrat-run investigation, revealing bias and a willingness to manipulate evidence to present a desired narrative.

In interviews conducted by the committee, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato testified that he overheard Chief of Staff Mark Meadows inform Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser that she should request the troops to provide law and order.

Furthermore, Ornato testified that he heard Trump himself suggest that 10,000 troops would be needed to keep things orderly for that day. Bowser declined the offer, stating she needed only about 350 troops for intersection control and other basic duties.

After this offer was declined, Trump did not back down on his efforts to beef up Capitol security. Ornato stated that Trump requested that the Department of Defense provide a “quick reaction force” from Joint Base Andrews.

Ornato also told the J6 Select Committee that Trump was frustrated that Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller was slow in providing the resources needed for Capitol security.

This testimony, however, did not support the narrative that anti-Trump Cheney wanted to present to the public.

According to an article in The Federalist written by Mollie Hemmingway, Cheney’s committee suppressed the transcript of Ornato’s testimony from the public. Additionally, derogatory stories started appearing about Ornato following his testimony, including one by journalist and committee ally Maggie Haberman.

Fewer than half of the more than 1000 interviews conducted by the J6 Select Committee are even posted to the Government Publishing Office website. Many find this highly suspicious.

The critical transcripts of Ornato’s testimony were recently released by Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.). He said for Hemmingway’s Federalist piece: “The former J6 Select Committee apparently withheld Mr. Ornato’s critical witness testimony from the American people because it contradicted their pre-determined narrative. Mr. Ornato’s testimony proves what Mr. Meadows has said all along: President Trump did in fact offer 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the U.S. Capitol, which was turned down.”

Rep. Cheney lost her congressional seat in a 2002 GOP primary election to Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY). Her anti-Trump actions, including support for his impeachment, were a major factor in her defeat.