Left Cries Racism In Gay’s Resignation, Conservatives Bring Facts

The resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay has resulted in many news outlets and public figures blaming her decision on everything from politics to racism. Many rational public figures and politicians decided to call out their hypocrisy on X, standing up to the leftist ideations by stating facts.

Gay, who resigned on Tuesday after being called out for plagiarizing her dissertation and other work, had previously been called to resign over her laid-back stance of addressing antisemitism on Harvard’s campus. According to Gay, she was forced to resign due to her race.

“It has been distressing to have doubt cast on my commitments to confronting hate and to upholding scholarly rigor – two bedrock values that are fundamental to who I am – and frightening to be subjected to personal attacks and threats fueled by racial animus,” she wrote in a letter.

What makes it worse is the amount of people and news outlets who believe her. The Associated Press (AP) referred to Gay’s resignation as a new “conservative weapon” against colleges, citing plagiarism.

Community Notes, however, counteracted that claim on their post, stating “Plagiarism is a breach of rules for Harvard University.”

Elon Musk thought that Community Notes was spot on, and responded to the AP’s tweet, stating, “And, once again, @CommunityNotes for the win.”

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) gave an epic rant on

While many on the left will disregard Musk and Vance’s stance on Gay’s resignation because they’re White men, they cannot deny the facts when prominent Black and Jewish public figures state the same facts.

Prague U’s CJ Pearson also called out the leftists who claim that Gay’s resignation was the result of her being Black, stating how he was tired of the Black community “using the color of our skin to shield people from accountability.”

Former New York State Assemblyman Don Hikind (R)decided to call out Rev. Al Sharpton’s hypocrisy. The disgraced reverend made claims that Gay was ousted out of Harvard because of her race. In an X post, the former politician said, “You’re nothing more than a race-baiter — always have been and always will be!”

Political scientist Carol McSwain also commented about the situation to OAN. She stated, “In the past, it didn’t matter whether you were white or Black or some other race, if you plagiarized you would lose your position.”

One of the best points made regarding Gay and race was made by former California governor candidate Larry Elder, who pointed out Harvard’s liberal bias. He mentioned how Harvard refused to hire McSwain, whom Gay plagiarized and is more qualified to work at the university. Elder said that only 3% of the Harvard faculty identify as conservative.

At the end of the day, Gay and her leftist comrades can claim all day that she was forced to resign based on her race. The problem with that ideation is that many members of the Black and Jewish communities have called out the absurdity of those claims with valid proof besides her plagiarism.

Maybe these far-leftists will think that these distinguished Black voices “Ain’t Black,” as President Joe Biden claimed in an interview of the Black individuals who had a difficult time deciding to vote for him or former President Donald Trump. After all, leftists believe that all Black people think alike, how racist of them.