Kinzinger Melts Down In Unhinged Attack On RFK Jr.

Former Republican Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger is a poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome, and now he is following the marching orders of his Democratic allies. He accused independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of “winking to the MAGA folks.”

Democrats are in mortal fear of Kennedy’s campaign siphoning votes away from their deeply unpopular incumbent. Therefore, they launched an all out blitz — with the assistance of their mainstream media cohorts — to discredit the independent candidate.

This latest volley accused the Kennedy camp of sympathizing with Jan. 6 protesters held as political prisoners by the Biden administration.

Addressing CNN’s “The Source with Kaitlan Collins,” Kinzinger continued the theme he pursued during the discredited House committee investigation of Jan. 6.

He referenced a fundraising email from the Kennedy campaign that went out earlier last week but was quickly disavowed. The missive appeared to sympathize with the protesters from three years ago.

The writing concerned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and noted that such polar opposites as Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) agree that Assange should be freed.

The email continued, “The Brits want to make sure our government doesn’t kill Assange. This is the reality that every American citizen faces — from Ed Snowden to Julian Assange to the J6 activists sitting in a Washington D.C. jail cell stripped of their Constitutional liberties.”

A Kennedy spokesperson, Stephanie Spear, disavowed the email as the work of a new marketing contractor. She said it slipped through the campaign’s “normal approval process.”

Kinzinger complained, “This is his way of pleasing those that want to hear that he just hasn’t looked at the evidence in detail and winking to the MAGA folks.” The former congressman added that the Kennedy campaign has been “hijacked by MAGA.”

Democrats were stunned when RFK Jr. chose progressive Nicole Shanahan for his running mate.

This signaled to the troubled party that he was going directly after Biden’s far-left base of support.

Shanahan is feared to have substantial appeal among young and particularly female voters. Kennedy was thought by many to be considering a centrist or even conservative running mate, but he chose another direction.

And Democrats are obviously worried.