Joe Scarborough’s About-Face On Biden: Patience Now Urged After Calling For Immediate Resignation

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” has done a dramatic turnaround regarding President Joe Biden’s candidacy. Last week, following Biden’s poor debate performance, Scarborough suggested that Biden should step down immediately. He compared the situation to the time when Barry Goldwater told President Richard Nixon that his time was up during the Watergate scandal.

Fast forward to today, Scarborough is now urging Democrats to hold off on making any hasty decisions about Biden’s future. “It’s only July 5th!” Scarborough repeatedly said on his show, advocating for a more measured approach. He described himself as having spent the last week calming panicked Democrats, claiming he provided “therapy” to those who were calling for Biden to quit.

This shift is notable given Scarborough’s previous urgency. He now claims that he always advocated for giving the situation more time, despite his earlier comments suggesting the opposite. Last week, he had voiced support for David Plouffe’s recommendation to wait a few days before making a decision, but quickly expressed his fear that waiting would allow Trump to gain an insurmountable lead.

The change in Scarborough’s stance has led to speculation about what prompted it. One theory is that his close relationship with Biden influenced his reversal. Scarborough has boasted about his access to the president, hinting that the Biden campaign might have pressured him to change his tune or risk losing that access.

Scarborough also addressed criticisms from Republicans and conservative media who accuse the press of covering up Biden’s decline. He rejected these accusations, despite mounting evidence and criticisms from various sources, including a column by Olivia Nuzzi in New York magazine and comments by Mark Halperin on Newsmax, which suggest that there has been a concerted effort to downplay concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities.

As the Democratic Party grapples with these developments, Scarborough’s sudden shift adds another layer of complexity to the debate over Biden’s candidacy. Whether this new call for patience will resonate with voters and party officials remains to be seen.