Jill Biden Assists Husband Off Stage After Debate Embarrassment

Following the initial 2024 presidential debate, Jill Biden helped President Joe Biden off the stage, a moment that underscored concerns about his health. The debate, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, saw the 81-year-old president face former President Donald Trump. Biden’s struggles were in stark contrast to Trump’s unassisted exit.

Footage shared by Greg Price on social media showed Jill Biden leading Joe from the podium to the edge of the stage, where he struggled with the steps. The video quickly drew attention, raising questions about Biden’s physical condition. Price’s caption, “Jill Biden had to lead Joe Biden off the debate stage,” resonated widely.

The Biden campaign later explained that the president had been suffering from a cold. This explanation, however, did little to allay growing concerns. Reports noted that Biden had spent the week at Camp David, preparing for the debate with intensive ninety-minute standing sessions.

Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary, commented on MSNBC that sending the vice president for post-debate spin is unusual for a winning campaign. Her comments came as Vice President Kamala Harris took the stage to address Biden’s performance, describing it as a “slow start.”

The Trump campaign capitalized on the moment, releasing an ad suggesting Biden’s frail condition could lead to Kamala Harris stepping in as president. This narrative gained traction following Biden’s visible difficulties during the debate.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) condemned the idea of replacing Biden as the Democratic nominee, calling it a betrayal of democracy. Vance argued, “It would be a massive affront to American democracy for them to have effectively given Democratic primary voters one choice for the entire primary process, and then now that he’s had a disastrous debate performance, try to pull him.”

Despite attempts to attribute Biden’s performance to a cold, the debate’s aftermath has intensified scrutiny of his health. An NBC News poll from February revealed that 89% of Americans are concerned about Biden’s mental and physical fitness for a second term.

With the Democratic National Convention on the horizon, the party must address these concerns while gearing up for a competitive campaign against Trump. The debate’s conclusion, marked by Jill Biden’s assistance, has brought the issue of the president’s health to the forefront, prompting calls for a reevaluation of the Democratic strategy.