Israeli Forces Battle Hezbollah In Southern Lebanon

Israel’s war against regional terrorism now has its forces operating in southern Lebanon. Four Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops were wounded in an explosion across the border of its northern neighbor, according to media sources within the Jewish state.

As reported by The Times of Israel, one of the commandos is in serious condition as the unit “operated several hundred meters inside Lebanese territory overnight.”

Hezbollah terrorists claimed responsibility for the blast. The troops are believed to have been working to destroy tunnels dug on the Lebanese side of the fence that may extend under Israeli territory.

As always, Iran is a major factor in the fighting. Hezbollah terrorists are supported by Tehran, which launched an unprecedented strike on Israel Saturday night.

The Lebanese faction renewed attacks on Israel after the Oct. 7 massacre of Jewish citizens carried out by Hamas terrorists based in Gaza. This group is also backed by Iran.

Israel evacuated roughly 60,000 of its citizens who live in close proximity to its border with Lebanon. For nearly six months these evacuees have been forced to reside elsewhere, and only farmers are permitted into the area to tend to crops and feed cattle.

Rocket fire originating in southern Lebanon resulted in Israeli jets striking Hezbollah strongholds this week. Heavy artillery was deployed, the Army said, to “remove a threat.”

Israeli sources reported that five rockets were fired into Israel from the targeted sites. No injuries resulted and massive shelling of the launch points commenced.

Hezbollah is a much more potent threat to Israel’s security than Hamas, despite the shocking Oct. 7 massacre. Like Hamas, it is funded by Iran but has a much more substantial stockpile of weapons.

It also enjoys free access from Syria, which is also dominated by the Iranian state.

The United Nations (UN) maintains a presence in southern Lebanon with the expressed intent of keeping the peace. Despite a UN resolution banning Hezbollah from the Israeli border, the mission is predictably a paper tiger.

Terrorist forces operate at will with only Israel’s defenses keeping them from further incursions into the state. Their intent is largely to distract Tel Aviv from its current mission to eradicate Hamas in Gaza.