Israeli Defense Minister Reports Major Success Against Hamas

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant reported to the cabinet that the IDF has inflicted significant casualties on Hamas, killing or injuring 60% of its terrorists in Gaza since the conflict began on October 7. Gallant disclosed that around 14,000 Hamas terrorists have been neutralized, with 20 of the group’s 24 battalions destroyed. Despite these losses, Hamas continues to resist with sporadic attacks, and its leaders are currently in hiding.

David Mencer, an Israeli government spokesman, provided further details on Gallant’s briefing. Mencer emphasized the critical importance of Israeli control over the Egypt-Gaza border, including the Rafah Crossing and the Philadelphi Corridor.

These areas have been key smuggling routes for Hamas, and maintaining control over them is essential for preventing the influx of weapons and supplies to the terrorist organization.

In addition to the military update, Gallant’s office released information about his recent meeting with Brett McGurk, the White House Coordinator to the Middle East and North Africa. Their discussions focused on leveraging the current situation to negotiate the release of hostages and ensure mechanisms are in place to stop weapon smuggling into Gaza. Gallant reaffirmed Israel’s stance on supporting the reopening of the Rafah crossing under strict conditions that prevent Hamas from regaining control and rearming.

Mencer also noted that there is progress in the ongoing indirect negotiations with Hamas, mediated by Egypt and Qatar. The talks aim to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, with recent indications that Hamas has dropped its demand for Israel to commit to a permanent ceasefire as a condition for the hostages’ release. Israel, however, remains firm on its objective to dismantle Hamas’s military capabilities and governance structures in Gaza.