Illegal Migrants Hoping For Biden Victory

Many of the illegal immigrants traveling through Mexico before walking across the U.S. southern border are expressing a strong preference for Joe Biden’s victory in the November presidential election. They speak openly of their fear of strict border security in the event President Donald Trump were to win.

“If it’s Trump, it doesn’t matter how much I work or want to work. They won’t let me in,” Richard Betancourt, a pipefitter from Venezuela recently told reporters. Thousands of illegals continue to rush to cross into the U.S. daily, anticipating a Trump win.

The Trump Make America Great Again PAC highlighted a New York Post story emphasizing migrants’ preference for Biden, based on interviews conducted by The Free Press. Immigration has become a critical election issue for the large majority of Americans. The crisis has grown far beyond a border state problem, severely affecting self-described “sanctuary cities” like Denver, Chicago, and New York and driving violent crime up in virtually every area.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said, “Through 94 executive actions, President Biden completely destroyed border security.”

At a Michigan campaign rally on Saturday, Trump cited the tragic murder of Ruby Garcia in March by an illegal immigrant. The 45th president said, “A beautiful young woman was savagely murdered by an illegal alien criminal. Under the Trump administration, this monster had been deported, thrown out of the country.”

Pointing back to the corporate media’s misstatements about his use of the word “bloodbath” as a descriptor of financial crisis, President Trump laid the blame for Garcia’s death on the Biden administration. He said that Biden is allowing “a border bloodbath, and it’s destroying our country.”

Pledging to initiate the largest deportation effort in American history immediately, he added, “It’s going to end on the day that I take office, which will be January 20.”

The narrative around the U.S.-Mexico border crisis serves as a microcosm of the broader political divide in America. The Trump campaign is leveraging the surge in illegal crossings and associated crimes to bolster the 45th president’s tough-on-immigration stance, directly addressing one of the most pressing issues for voters this year.