Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Beating Man With Rock

Jason Sanchez, a 26-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala, was taken into custody in Brooklyn, New York, following an incident where he is accused of attacking a 50-year-old man with a rock during a robbery attempt, according to sources from the New York Police Department.

The altercation, which happened around 2:35 p.m. in the Greenpoint neighborhood, concluded with Sanchez’s arrest at the site. The victim sustained facial injuries but turned down medical treatment at the scene.

Currently, Sanchez is being detained on multiple charges, including attempted robbery, assault, and illegal possession of a weapon. Sanchez reportedly last resided at a homeless shelter located at 146 Clay Street, a short distance from the scene of the incident.

This incident comes amid growing concerns over crimes committed by illegal immigrants, which has prompted New York City Mayor Eric Adams to advocate for adjustments to the city’s sanctuary policies. Last week, Adams called for the City Council to modify current laws to allow the NYPD to contact ICE regarding migrants accused of serious offenses.

Another recent incident involves Chelsea Mora, an NYC nurse, who was assaulted by an illegal immigrant at the Jacobi Medical Center. Mora was hit in the face by Edward Johnson, a repeat offender, when she went to take his vitals. She suffered corneal hematoma and PTSD from the assault.

“These people need to be institutionalized if, in fact, they are mentally disabled, not back on the streets,” she told Fox News.

“It seems to be a severe problem in New York City now,” Mora continued. “I think these soft-on-crime laws that are being implemented aren’t helping us, like citizens of New York, [and] aren’t helping healthcare staff in dealing with these types of criminals.”

Reports indicate that Johnson has been arrested on 23 occasions and has a track record of violent behavior. He is accused of assaulting medical staff dating back to 2019, which includes an incident involving an ER doctor in 2022. Johnson also has a documented history of psychiatric issues.

This comes as a bill was introduced in the California state assembly that would provide taxpayer-funded legal aid to illegal immigrants like Johnson who have been found guilty of severe and violent crimes.