Heroic Father Loses Life Trying To Save Drowning Son In Virginia Lake Tragedy

A desperate father watched his 14-year-old son struggle in the water before he leaped in during a courageous attempt to try and save him, but tragically, both drowned on Saturday in Virginia’s Lake Anna, witnesses said. The 42-year-old father, whose name was not released, did not hesitate to dive in when he saw his son struggling under the water, witnesses said.

According to the Luisa County Sheriff’s Office, the father was observed “flailing” before he went under the surface of the water. Many onlookers entered the water to try and locate the father and son. They were not successful. Rescue workers arrived at the scene and located the bodies of the father and son. They were pronounced dead on the scene.

The accident happened in an isolated cove on the “hot side” of Lake Anna. The hot side has private access and is closer to the North Anna Nuclear Generating Station. It is used less than the “cold side” of the lake which is open to the public. For this to happen here has everyone in shock.

The dad’s acts of love and heroism, despite imminent death, will forever be a testament to the indestructible bond between parent and child. As a community, we grieve this senseless tragedy. But, this dad’s heroic, loving efforts to save his boy will never be forgotten by those who saw him reach into that raging river.