Hearts Melt As Trump’s Granddaughter Greets Him

In the middle of a contentious and heated election year, people can sometimes forget that politicians are human beings just like they are.

To us, Donald Trump might be the former president. But to little four-year-old Carolina Trump, the daughter of Eric and Lara Trump, he’s someone even greater: Grandpa.

During a visit to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump was greeted by hundreds of supporters before Carolina ran up to him. He swooped in and grabbed her in a big hug.

People rarely get to see this side of the former president. The mainstream media conveniently refuses to cover this aspect of his life. But Trump’s hug with his granddaughter is just one of the many moments where the former president shows his compassion for family, friends and others around him.

Contrary to what others may believe, Donald Trump does have a heart. His record of doing hidden acts of kindness for people in need speaks for itself. He’s spent decades helping others who either could not help themselves, or who were in a tight spot.

He has also repeatedly gone out of his way to visit terminally ill patients and wounded service members. He even helped surprise the family of an officer who had returned home from his fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan in February 2020.

Mainstream media tells people who to be angry with, rather than letting them think for themselves.

But Donald Trump’s human moments, like picking up his little granddaughter, ruins their narrative. These moments shatter the false image of him that the media wants to create. His human moments give us a glimpse into who he really is.

He deserves praise for the times when he has acted presidential, been selfless toward others and confidently and decisively led this country.

He’s not an inherently evil man, even if that has been the prevailing narrative from CNN, MSNBC, NBC and others since 2016.