Haitian From Biden’s ‘Parole’ Program Assaults Massachusetts Girl

A 15-year-old Massachusetts girl has been allegedly assaulted by a Haitian Immigrant who was in the United States courtesy of President Biden’s “migrant parole program.” The incident took place at a hotel being used as a shelter for immigrants.

The suspect is a 25-year-old man named Cory Alvarez, who came to the United States last June through Biden’s program. It has seen more than one million people arrive by airplane from Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Afghanistan.

Alvarez is being held without bail pending a “dangerousness hearing.”

He was staying at the Comfort Inn in Rockland, Massachusetts. The state had reserved 20 rooms as emergency shelter for migrants while warning town officials they may fill all 100.

Rockland Town Administrator Douglas Lapp expressed frustration in an interview with Boston 25 News: “The town had absolutely no say in that decision.”

Massachusetts GOP chairwoman Amy Carnevale issued a statement pointing out the “pressing need to revisit and amend the legislation pertaining to the right to shelter.”

The culture of many of the third-world nations from which the U.S. is accepting immigrants — with minimal or no vetting — is one in which such assault is routine and without consequences. Many feared that mass immigration from these nations would result in that culture being imported to America along with them.

This and other recent high-profile incidents involving migrants seem to vindicate those fears.

Indeed, Carnival’s statement noted that: “the influx of additional migrants may exacerbate the likelihood of such distressing occurrences.”

A challenge to the parole program from 20 GOP states was rejected by U.S. District Judge Drew B. Tipton last week. The basis of the suit was that the states were given an unfunded mandate to support the immigrants, but Judge Tipton claimed the plaintiffs failed to prove “financial harm”.

Many Americans are furious that the message from the Democrat administration has been to prioritize respect for foreign cultures over the lives of American citizens. In an interview following his State Of The Union address, President Biden apologized for referring to the alleged murderer of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley as an “illegal.”

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) had no comment and referred questions to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office.