Gov. DeSantis Sending Nation Guard To Southern Border

To help Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to protect the southern border, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced on Friday that he would be sending the Florida National Guard to the Lone Star state.

DeSantis announced that 50 National Guard members and 76 Florida Highway Patrol troopers are heading to San Antonio, along with members of the Florida State Guard.

“We have another round of personnel heading to the southern border today,” said DeSantis. “This is part of a yearslong effort for us to help do what the federal government has refused to do – which is to actually defend this country’s borders. You’ve seen numbers that have been astronomical over these last three years.”

With the Biden administration failing to protect America’s borders, DeSantis offered to send up to 1,000 troops to Texas.

He also decided to address the amount of illegal Chinese immigrants that have bombarded the southern border, along with military-aged men from dangerous countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

“I think the chances are that there’s some bad intentions there for some of these people,” DeSantis warned. “And it’s a huge, huge problem, especially when you look at all the problem countries in this world have had people come through the southern border.”

As always, the left has been having a meltdown about the decision, claiming that DeSantis is using the situation as a political stunt, potentially geared towards a future presidential run.

“There’s so much to focus on here at home,” Florida House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell said. “We don’t need a governor who is continuing to focus on his own ambitions and just leaving Floridians behind.”

One thing Driskell didn’t mention was that illegal immigration is fighting for Floridians by sending reinforcement to the border.

Thanks to the Biden administration’s open door policy, a Florida resident lost their life Tuesday night when illegal immigrant Byron Pineda, 33, changed lanes and struck a 21-year-old Pensacola man on a motorcycle.

Of course, Democrats are silent when it comes to the amount of crime that illegal immigrants have brought into Florida, along with other states.

Unlike the progressive left, DeSantis has been standing up to protect America’s borders and keeping Americans safe.

The governor has sent over 6,400 law enforcement officers to the southern border since 2021, calling it a necessity since millions of illegals have “invaded” the border.