Glenn Beck: America Faces ‘Clear And Present Danger’ After Debate

The recent CNN Presidential Debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump has left many viewers concerned, including conservative commentator Glenn Beck. Beck expressed his alarm over Biden’s performance, which he described as a “horror show.”

Beck criticized Biden’s inability to effectively respond to questions, particularly on inflation. Mocking Biden’s hesitant responses, Beck said, “When he opened up his mouth, and that came out, it was breathtaking.” He suggested that Biden’s initial response was probably the clearest he had been all night.

The debate continued to highlight Biden’s struggles, with Trump at one point not responding to a comment about the border due to his inability to understand Biden. Beck noted, “It is the most restrained I have ever seen Donald Trump.”

Beck’s primary concern, however, was the apparent lack of focus on the country’s well-being. He voiced frustration over the political discourse, which he felt was more about electoral strategies than addressing real issues. “I am so angry today, that I haven’t heard one single person on television or in the political realm talk about the country,” Beck lamented. He emphasized the urgency of recognizing the dangers facing America, saying, “This country is in more danger, clear and present danger, than we have been, I believe possibly, in my lifetime.”

Highlighting the broader implications of the debate, Beck questioned the country’s priorities and its ability to address the challenges ahead. “What the hell is wrong with us?” he asked, stressing that the problem is not just Biden, but the general failure to acknowledge and tackle the pressing threats to the nation.