Far-Left Portland-Based Antifa Attacks Woke Butcher Shop

The far-left organization known as Antifa recently claimed responsibility for attacking a butcher shop in northeast Portland.

The shop, Pasture PDX, has voiced many leftist political views on social media and the building displays an LGBT flag on its storefront windows.

Antifa’s attack was done to stand in solidarity with anarchist “antispeciesist” activists imprisoned for carrying out extreme attacks to free animals from captivity, according to a blog associated with Portland’s Rose City Antifa.

The Portland-based group, under the byline “rosecitycounterinfo,” released a post revealing that it shut off power to Pasture PDX to try and make their animal meet unsellable. The far-left group also claimed to have shut power to nearby stores for no reason.

“Last night we cut off the tiny padlock to the breaker box of a butcher shop ‘pasture pdx’ and shut off their power to make the flesh they butchered unsellable. we also sealed the lock on the door with spray foam insulation. We also shut power to two adjacent stores because it was fun,” the radical group wrote.

“These things are easily reproduceable and we encourage anarchists to think outside of the box. You can do other things then smash windows. we dedicate this act to Jack, the Susaron 4 comrades in chile, and all antispeciesists who have been put in cages, for total freedom!” the group added.

Pasture PDX, a butcher shop and restaurant, was established in 2022 and is known for its sandwiches.

The business’ co-owner, HJ Schaible, has publicly expressed left-wing political views on social media. In June 2020, following the death of longtime criminal George Floyd, the businessman shared a post on Facebook criticizing people speaking out against the destruction of property as an example of White privilege.

Schaible’s profile picture on Facebook shows in front of the butcher shop, which displays an LGBT flag on its window, along with the words “This is a safe space.”

Alongside Schaible is another one of the shop’s co-owners, Kei Ohdera, who was featured in an article by The Oregonian in November 2020. In the piece, Ohdera explained that the shop was established to provide ethically sourced high-quality meat.

“We are trying our best to suggest that people shouldn’t eat meat as much as they do, but if they do choose to eat meat, eat meat that is coming from the right sources raised by the stewards of the land,” Ohdera said.