Dennis Kucinich Runs For Congress Again As Independent

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is running for congress again, but this time as an independent in a political climate that is seeing former Democrats leave the party as it continues to lurch to the far-left.

The 77-year-old former mayor of Cleveland is seeking the seat of the 7th District, which is now currently held by Rep. Max Miller (R-OH).

Although Kucinich was often considered one of the more liberal members of congress, he is now branding himself as someone who can bridge the gap between Republicans and Democrats to reach a middle ground, claiming that the feuding between the two parties is a threat to national security.

‘Service to a nation must be superior to service to a political party,” Kucinich said. “My vote will become pivotal in closely divided Congress. … Now more than ever, America needs persons with experience in Congress to guide our nation through this difficult time.”

Having collected the 6 thousand signatures needed to officially run as an independent candidate, Kucinich issued a written statement that said, “My allegiance is to America, her people and the U.S. Constitution, not a political party.”

Kucinich is not the only former Democrat running for office as an independent. Notably, Robert Kennedy Jr., who is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, has rejected his Democratic party affiliation and is running for president as an independent.

Kennedy has gained much attention and even admiration from some conservative circles for his direct rebuttal of the commonly accepted narrative about COVID vaccines as well as challenging the establishment status quo on issues related to public health in the food market and matters of international diplomacy regarding China and Russia.

His brand of populism has been very appealing to younger voters, as a recent Quinnipiac poll shows that he is leading with voters under age 35 and also with independents.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Kucinich was until recently the manager for Kennedy’s presidential campaign, but stepped down due to both some personal philosophical differences as well as his choice to run again for congress.

With the Republican and Democrat establishment uniparty having had such control over American politics for decades, running as an independent, or at least as a populist candidate such as Donald Trump, has become appealing to more and more voters who want to see significant change in the way things are handled in Washington.