Democrats Wave Ukraine Flags As House Approves $60 Billion

House Democrats put on an embarrassing display in the lower chamber Saturday after approving another $60 billion in aid for foreign wars. Leftists rose to their feet in unison and waved Ukrainian flags while chanting “Ukraine!” on the floor.

It was enough to make one wonder if the spectacle was in Washington or Kyiv.

According to the Washington Examiner, scores of Democrats leapt to their feet and produced small flags. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who was highly instrumental in the vote, later reprimanded the breach of rules that prohibit such flag waving.

Despite Johnson’s best efforts, only 101 House Republicans voted for the massive expenditure.

At least some of the funding was reconstituted as a loan. As it will certainly sail through the Democratic-controlled Senate and breeze across President Joe Biden’s desk for signature, the parameters are now clear.

The largest allocations include $13.8 billion for advanced weapons systems and defense technology. Another $11.3 billion will fund continued U.S. military operations in the wartorn area to prop up Ukraine’s defense in its fight with Russia.

The cringe-worthy flag-waving drew the admonition of Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-NY). As the left side of the aisle broke all decorum, he informed the leftists that such a display was in violation of House rules and deemed it “inappropriate.”

Reliable conservative Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) was even more strident. She grabbed the microphone and told her leftist colleagues to “put those [expletive] flags away.”

Democrats jeered her response to their jubilation.

The House convened for an unusual Saturday session with Democrats and many Republicans pushing for a positive vote on further Ukraine aid. Their work also featured separate bills for Israel and Indo-Pacific allies.

The day marked a clear victory for Johnson, though it highlighted deep divisions within GOP ranks. He drew massive Democratic support for the measures, and the left will undoubtedly come to his aid now if challenged further by rebel Republicans.

The Speaker sounded his alarm over Russia’s strengthening ties with China and Iran. He warned last week that the trio represent “an axis of evil.”