Democratic Gov Offered Assistance With Border, But Biden Refused

While many Democrats joined the president in pretending that the border situation was fine, one of their colleagues was bold enough to offer a solution, but his help fell on deaf ears.

On Friday’s CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) told host Andrew Ross Sorkin that he offered to send the state’s national guard out to Texas, only to have Biden reject it when asked about his intake on the immigration crisis.

“It’s in all of our backyards. Gov. [Phil] Scott (R) from Vermont and myself just wrote a letter together, two states that you don’t think are on the frontlines of immigration, it’s hitting us,” Lamont stated. “I see what it’s doing to the country. They’ve got to secure the border. I tell President Biden, we’ll send the Connecticut Guard down to help you if that’s what you need to get it done.”

According to Lamont, Biden blamed House Republicans for the record amount of illegal immigrants entering the country. The president told him that there has to be bipartisan compromise and that Congress had to “get it done.”

Even though Lamont alleged that Biden refused help with the border, he, like his Democratic colleagues, shifted the blame for the chaos at the border to Republicans. In a separate interview with Bloomberg, Lamont stated that he hoped that Biden would close the southern border, but believed that Republicans were holding off on a deal until after the election in November.

What he failed to mention was the reason why Republicans were holding off on making the border deal. With the proposed bill that most conservatives shunned, 5,000 illegal immigrants would be allowed to enter the country daily and the government would hand out an additional 50,000 green cards.

In the Bloomberg interview, Lamont stated that the immigration crisis hit home for him because his state of Conneticuit is a part of “the New York City ecosystem,” meaning that when New York City struggles, it hurts Conneticuit as well.

He also admitted that Democrats were slow to show concern for the border when confronted by one of the co-hosts but was hopeful that it would gain more attention.