‘Danger Of Misinformation’: Popular News App Caught Publishing AI-Generated Fake Stories

A Major Concern Has Arisen Regarding ‘Newsbreak,’ The Most Downloaded News Application In The United States. According To Reuters, The App Has Been Exposed For Unethically Circulating Fictitious News Articles Produced By Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems, Raising Alarms About The Proliferation Of Misinformation And Deceptive Practices.

In One Particularly Egregious Instance, Newsbreak Published An Entirely Fabricated Story About A Shooting Incident On Christmas Day In Bridgeton, New Jersey. The Local Police Department Swiftly Denounced The AI-Generated Article As “Fiction” On Facebook, Prompting Newsbreak To Eventually Remove The Inaccurate Content Four Days Later, Attributing The Error To Its Source.

This Incident Highlights The Dangers Of Relying On AI Systems For News Generation, As They Lack The Critical Thinking And Fact-Checking Capabilities Of Human Journalists. Newsbreak’s Business Model Involves Rewriting And Publishing Content Scraped From The Internet Using AI Tools, A Practice That Has Led To The Dissemination Of At Least 40 Fake News Stories Since 2021, According To Reuters.

Beyond The Spread Of Misinformation, Newsbreak Has Also Faced Allegations Of Copyright Infringement From Local News Providers For Republishing Content Without Permission Or Credit. Former Consultant Norm Pearlstine Warned That The App’s Practice Of Creating Stories Under Fictitious Bylines Could “Destroy The Newsbreak Brand.”

As Newsbreak Continues To Gain Popularity, Filling The Void Left By Struggling Local News Outlets And Boasting Over 50 Million Monthly Users, The Implications Of Its Unethical Practices Become Increasingly Concerning. Consumers Must Remain Vigilant And Seek Out Reputable And Transparent News Sources To Avoid Being Misled By AI-Generated Misinformation.