China’s New Spy Base In Cuba Poses Security Threat To US

China is building a military spy base in Cuba near the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, according to satellite images published by The Wall Street Journal. The base, located in El Salao near Santiago de Cuba, began construction early in President Joe Biden’s administration.

The facility is intended to house a large array of antennas capable of intercepting electronic signals. Although the technology is outdated by U.S. and Russian standards, the base’s strategic location makes it a significant security concern for the United States.

This new installation is the fourth Chinese spy base on the island, with others situated in Bejucal, Wajay, and Calabazar. U.S. intelligence officials highlight the threat these bases pose, as they enable China to intercept sensitive communications from various U.S. installations and spy on American citizens.

China’s actions in Cuba are part of a larger effort to expand its influence in Latin America and the Caribbean. The construction of a megaport in Peru and increased control over key sectors in countries like Argentina, Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil exemplify China’s strategy to undermine U.S. dominance in the region.

Moreover, China is establishing a special economic zone in Antigua, only a few hundred miles from the U.S. Virgin Islands. This zone will feature its own customs and immigration procedures, a shipping port, and a dedicated airline, hosting businesses from various sectors including logistics and virology.