Chicago Woman Acquitted Of Charges After Running Over Police Officer With Stolen Squad Car

A Chicago woman has been found not guilty of attempted murder and other charges after she allegedly attacked a police officer, stole his squad car and dragged him with the vehicle while she was naked in 2022. Judge Tyria Walton acquitted 35-year-old Whitley Temple by reason of insanity following a bench trial.

The incident occurred on June 13, 2022, when Officer Edward Poppish, a 23-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, found Temple lying half-naked in the street in West Garfield Park. As Poppish radioed for an ambulance, Temple reportedly got up, started saying his name repeatedly and walked around him to get into the squad car’s driver’s seat.

Despite Poppish’s attempts to stop her, Temple allegedly told him, “Let me go. This has nothing to do with you.” She then drove off, dragging Poppish and causing him to suffer a concussion and require several stitches to the head.

Prosecutors alleged that Temple drove the stolen squad car onto the Eisenhower Expressway, weaving in and out of traffic at 97 mph, before exiting and crashing into four cars at Harrison Street and Damen Avenue on the Near West Side.

Temple’s defense attorney argued that she was “in a psychotic state” at the time of the incident, with paranoid ideas that people were after her and trying to kill the women in her family. The judge ultimately agreed, finding Temple not guilty by reason of insanity on all charges.