Chicago Mayor Claims Busing Illegal Aliens Is Attack On ‘Leaders Of Color’

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) has accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) of “attacking” cities run by Black leaders with his policy of transporting illegal aliens to Democrat-run areas.

Abbott has been consistently busing illegal aliens to self-described “sanctuary cities” across the United States as part of an effort to both alleviate the burden placed on border towns by President Joe Biden’s border crisis and to force Democrats in these areas to bear the consequences of the open border policies they support. Johnson and other Democrat mayors of these sanctuary cities have expressed outrage over Abbott’s actions as their cities have become overwhelmed with illegal aliens that they previously vowed to take in.

Johnson attacked Abbott during a recent MSNBC interview with host Al Sharpton, where the pair discussed the issue and its effects on Chicago.

Sharpton began the conversation by complaining about the ongoing border crisis and its effect on cities. As he is known for race-baiting, Sharpton immediately inserted race into the discussion, claiming that it “puts a tremendous burden on [Johnson] and other Democratic mayors, I might add, many Black mayors have been the focal of this. In fact, on Thursday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams filed a $700 million lawsuit against 17 charter bus companies who transported migrants from Texas.”

“What are your thoughts about the case, and is this an action you would consider taking as well?” the MSNBC host asked.

“You’re absolutely right about the intentions of Gov. Abbott,” Johnson responded. “He is attacking democratically-run cities, and particularly cities that are being led by Black leaders or leaders of color. This is unconscionable. I mean, it’s a very raggedy approach. And quite frankly, not only is it reckless and raggedy, but it is evil-spirited.”

Johnson was mocked on social media for his comments, with many users pointing out that the Democrat mayor was completely in favor of Chicago being a sanctuary city until he was forced to experience a fraction of the burden that border towns experience on a daily basis.

“Every city wants to be a ‘sanctuary city’ until it’s actually time to provide sanctuary,” PragerU personality CJ Pearson wrote.

“If Abbott busing some illegal aliens to Chicago & NYC. Is ‘attacking’ those cities, what do you call the much larger massive flood of illegals that Biden is letting into Texas?” wrote John R. Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center.