Charlamagne Tha God Openly Discredits The Biden Administration

Lenard McKelvey, also known as “Charlamagne Tha God,” is making waves in the media as he speaks out about Biden’s candidacy for reelection. He said in a recent interview that Biden “sucks as a candidate” and asked, “why are we acting like President Biden has ever been like a great presidential candidate?”

McKelvey is the co-host for arguably one of the most influential podcasts of 2024, The Breakfast Club. The podcast reaches over 4.5 million listeners each week. McKelvey was also listed as one of New York Times bestselling authors for his book “Black Privilege.” It’s safe to say that when he gives his opinion, it’s heard loud and clear.

McKelvey regularly speaks about his outlook on politics in America but in a recent interview with Fox News, he focused specifically on the Biden Administration and their protocols for the growing illegal immigration crisis. He said the Democrats are losing votes because their decision to have an open-door policy for migrants is evidently hurting working-class Americans. He referred back to his listeners, saying they “are really concerned about this issue.”

The podcast host backed up his concerns by citing factual instances where the migrant influx directly impacted the community. The emergency relocating of migrants into a New York City school and the MS13 gangs overtaking neighborhoods are two examples he referred back to in the interview. He said he’s never seen so many people calling the radio station to get their voices heard and that they all shared the same “frustration” about the migrant crisis.

In the interview, he continued to slam Democrats and exposed them for creating a migrant crisis they have proven incapable of managing. McKelvey pointed out two sides to the situation. He said Democrats are wrong for inviting the migrants without a plan for incorporating them into society and Republicans are “cruel” and “inhumane” for shipping the migrants to the sanctuary cities.

In the previous presidential election, McKelvey had announced that he would vote for Kamala Harris for president. Going into 2024, he has changed his support and strongly criticized Harris along with the rest of the Biden Administration for their negligence and for ultimately losing the public’s trust.

He went as far as to say, “It looks like Republicans were right about the issue and Democrats got it wrong,” referring to the ongoing migrant crisis on the east coast. McKelvey also predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election this year.