Border Statistics Reveal Lingering Concern About Migrant Terror Threat

Troubling details continue to emerge regarding the threat associated with record levels of illegal immigration ushered in by the policies of the Biden administration. Most recently, the Department of Homeland Security revealed the staggering number of undocumented migrants from so-called “special interest countries” who were detained along the border during just the first half of the current fiscal year.

According to the report, nearly 25,000 individuals — identified as mostly adult males traveling alone — from nations with an elevated terrorism risk have been stopped by border guards thus far in the 2024 fiscal year, following roughly 61,000 such detentions during the previous year.

A majority of those migrants were subsequently released and given future court dates regarding their asylum claims.

Breitbart spoke to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source who expressed concern about the inability to effectively vet the large number of individuals flooding the border, particularly those who might pose a national security risk.

“When you are apprehending thousands each day, it is a struggle to conduct thorough interviews and investigations on each and every one, even those from special interest countries,” the individual explained.

The special interest country with the largest number of migrants detained in the U.S. during the recent six-month period was Turkey, which accounted for 7,000 apprehensions. Several other nations on the list saw sharp increases over the 2023 fiscal year, including a 65% increase from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

During a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing in November, Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about the potential of terrorism associated with the ongoing border crisis.

“The group of people that you’re talking about are a source of great concern for us,” Wray said. “That’s why we are aggressively using all 56 of our joint terrorism task forces.”

Green was not satisfied with the response and continued: “But there’s really no way for you to guarantee Hamas isn’t in them. … Do you think that number, that increased number increases the threat to the American people?”

Wray conceded that “any time you have a group of people in the United States we don’t know nearly enough about, that is a source of concern for us.”