Blaze Reporter Steve Baker Arrested For J6 Reporting

A journalist from the conservative news outlet The Blaze has been arrested in connection with his reporting on the Jan. 6, 2021 (J6) protests. Steve Baker was released from jail and recently interviewed with Blaze founder Glen Beck.

His harsh treatment has angered many and is seen as politically motivated by a very biased Department of Justice. Charged with only non-violent misdemeanor offenses, he was put in a cell with a methamphetamine dealer. He had a court appearance on the same day as a felony offender — who lacked the leg irons and U.S. Marshal guards Baker had to endure.

Baker’s lawyer James Lee Bright, also present for the interview, said this sort of treatment for misdemeanor offenders is almost unprecedented.

Three of the four charges on Baker’s criminal complaint were connected to “disruptive or disorderly conduct” in the Capitol. But Baker noted in the interview that “the speaker of the house released 5,000 hours of videotape, much of it centering around [Steve], showing that [he wasn’t] parading or picketing or being disorderly at all.”

Of the four charges against Baker, he may only be guilty of one: “Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority.” However, all journalists who entered the Capitol on J6 should then be charged.

Only about half a dozen of the approximately 60 reporters who entered the Capitol that day have been charged with crimes. All of these have been from conservative news outlets.

One journalist who never even entered the Capitol has been charged, that being InfoWars host Owen Shroyer. He stood outside the Capitol grounds with a megaphone.

Furthermore, the FBI charging documents state that Baker was indeed “performing the actions of a journalist” on Jan. 6, 2021.

In a recent federal case, a judge dismissed charges against White Trump supporters in connection with a 2017 incident in Berkeley California. His ruling stated that no Antifa-connected combatants were charged — though evidence clearly showed many were guilty of the same crimes as the White defendants. “That is textbook viewpoint discrimination,” Judge Cormac J. Carney’s opinion stated.

Hundreds of J6 protestors have been jailed using “non-violent misdemeanor” charges as a pretext. Their true comes were their political views. Baker’s arrest and aggressive prosecution for non-violent acts are very disturbing for Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech. To many, it constitutes lawlessness and utter disregard of the Constitution on the part of the Biden Administration.