Barge Hits Oklahoma Bridge Days After Baltimore Bridge Disaster

Just days after a ship ran into and destroyed the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, a large barge slammed into a bridge crossing the Arkansas River in Oklahoma on Saturday, causing the bridge to shut down.

The incident happened just a stone’s throw away from the Kerr Lock and Dam.

The shutdown also caused troopers to temporarily close South U.S. Highway 59 as a result of the collision.

Although the highway has since re-opened after Oklahoma Department of Transportation engineers inspected the bridge and declared it safe for travel, the channel that the barge was traveling through was to remain closed until winds decreased in order to remove debris from the river.

It is still unknown what exactly caused the incident, but the timing of it just days after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore in a similar scenario is raising the eyebrows of many.

The official narrative of the Baltimore disaster is that it was accidental and that the ship simply lost power at a critical juncture, with it being too late to change course. However, some sources who claim to have intelligence contacts are saying that it was no accident at all, and that the ship was actually the target of a cyber-attack, thereby making the incident a deliberate attack on U.S. infrastructure and, by extension, an act of war.

Such a possibility, while frightening, is not surprising. Thousands of Chinese nationals have crossed through the open southern border and infiltrated the mainland United States and many have been caught at sensitive areas taking pictures and performing surveillance, sometimes posing as tourists. While such intelligence gathering could be used for a variety of purposes, surely sabotage is one of them.

Of course, if infrastructure were indeed being targeted and the government knew about it, one might wonder why the Biden administration would choose to cover up and ignore such information.

Hypothetically, it’s possible that they would rather attempt to deal with such covert acts of aggression behind the scenes than in full view of the public where their actions can be criticized. As it is, Biden’s foreign policy handling has a terrible track record, and if no advantage could be gained in making such information public, it is easy to see why they might keep it under wraps.

Although there is much suspicion around these high profile incidents and it is unknown what actually happened, it is clear that the U.S. is vulnerable to attack and the current administration is ill-equipped to handle such scenarios effectively.