50 Cent: Trump May Be ‘Answer To NYC Migrant Crisis

The ridiculous plan by New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams to disperse a staggering $53 million to illegal migrants through prepaid debit cards recently drew a high-profile critic: Rapper 50 Cent.

The idea led the entertainer to declare that former President Donald Trump may be the best answer to the crisis.

50 Cent posted a screengrab of the New York Post story of Adams’ giveaway proposal along with the message: “Mayor Adams call my phone. I don’t understand how this works, somebody explain.”

Then the rapper added, “Can’t explain this, I’m stuck, maybe TRUMP is the answer.”

City documents revealed officials want to provide the cards to asylum seekers currently boarded at the Roosevelt Hotel. These would be direct payments from New York coffers filled with taxpayer funds to those illegally in the country.

The legendary performer previously slammed California for its free healthcare giveaway program for illegals.

Attempting to justify the program, Mayor Adams claimed handing out debit cards would save the city $600,000 per month. Migrants have notoriously rejected meals provided by the city, and the Democrat said this would allow them to purchase the food they want.

The Post reported that the initiative would start with 500 families housed in short-term facilities. A family of four could take in nearly $1,000 per month, and the cards would be reloaded every 28 days.

Those who receive the cards will be limited to using them in supermarkets, delis, and bodegas. This is in addition to free room and board provided by the leaders and taxpayers of the “sanctuary” city.

50 Cent is hardly new to the Trump camp, having endorsed the former president in his 2020 run for reelection. He is one of several in the music genre with affection for the former president.

Among other issues, during the last presidential election, he declared on X, formerly Twitter, his aversion to becoming “20 Cent” through yet more Democratic tax hikes.

Born Curtis James Jackson III, the performer released a series of hits in the 2000s. Since his heyday, he has broadened his ventures into music production, a clothing line, and a business partnership with Vitamin Water.